Saturday, April 3, 2010

Doggie Door Sensation...(pic)

Well the inevitable has happened...we had our first escape through the dog door...despite the picture below it was actually Rogue (the one look at me as I took the picture)...It was quite humorous actually...the wife just finished feeding them and walked back into the dining room to do her head count and could only find two...sure enough she looked out side and Rogue is walking around on her knees smiling and laughing. Well she panicked trying to get outside...well we have a wood dowel in the door so it can't be opened and she begin to fiddle with it to try and get to Rogue...just as she got the door open Rogue took a dive right off the deck and down the steps...only three so it was no big deal...we all had a good laugh...even Rogue, despite the tumble was having a good ol' we watch the dog door like a hawk now...
Rogue - "I didn't do nothing!"
Until Next Time...BYE

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