Monday, April 5, 2010


Sharing is still a bit of a dream word around our house...Rogue has begun to hand stuff to people but only will release stuff to mama and Dada. When she hands something towards one of her sisters she quickly pulls it back when they reach for it...then on the other hand we have Phoenix...she bowls over EVERYONE and steals their toy in the day, one day...ha what a dreamer I am...
Jade - "See Dada I can share...look I am sharing my play bed with Diablo."
Until Next Time...BYE

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The Texas Trio said...

Not sure what age we started these but we employ two tactics to combat our selfish nature with the trips. First is Triplet of the Day. Every day except for Christmas and the Birthday. They get to make the choices, from our list of options. Next is that they "take turns." Sharing means giving it away. If it is a turn they get it again. A timer helps:)

Keep the faith,