Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Toy...SWING SET (Pic)

An opportunity arose where we were able to get a swing set. One of the Doctors my mom works with had this swing set that his kids had outgrown. It was perfect timing because the girls are coming into an age where they need a swing set. My dad and I went down to tear the swing set down and much to my fathers amazement I was able to fit the entire swing set in the minivan...master packer extraordinaire. The next day we had a few more people help us recronstruct this massive puzzle...thankfully it went together very easily. Here are a few photos of the build...

The girls will LOVE this...thank you to all who helped...My father, Uncle Nate, Diana (sister), Jason (friend), and my mother for all their help with the swing set...
Until Next Time...BYE

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