Friday, August 27, 2010

Bringing HALLOWEEN Back!!! (Pic)

Here is an update on my work...again...because I know you care.
Some signs...
Resurrected Manor - My front door
Rose Tree Cemetery - Name of my cemetery scene
Pratt Manor - Made for my sisters new house...congrats on the crib Di.

Made some Halloween ornaments...going to try and sell some of them to make a couple bucks...if you want one let me know...each one hand made and hand painted by ME :-)

More ornaments...

Sweeney Todd - I have a real straight razor attached to top it all off...

Freddy Krueger - Nightmare on Elm St.

John Doe - Se7en
Jason Voorhees - Friday the 13th
Michael Myers - Halloween

Still have more to carve into this...I am adding something next to the pumpkin head...just not sure what yet...
The Headless Horseman - Sleepy Hollow

Some more stones in the works...
Norman Bates - Psycho
Leatherface - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Charles Lee Ray "Chucky" - Child's Play
Abraham Van Helsing - Dracula and Van Helsing
Hannibal Lecter - The Silence of the Lamb
Frankenstein's Monster (Not pictured...the wife is making this one...won't show it until its done.)

Zombie ground breaker inner skeleton...

The zombie ground breaker now has skin...he is coming along...

Now that's a BIG pumpkin...still need to add a stem and cut out a face...

Pumpkins...colored one is the head of the scarecrow...still needs finish detail painting... be placed in among the tombstones in the cemetery...each will have a battery operated flickering tea light placed in them...
Ok, so nobody is worried...I DO NOT WORK ON ANY OF THIS WHEN THE KIDS ARE AWAKE. Everything is done when they are napping or are in bed asleep at night...I am back on my college sleep schedule...surprisingly doesn't affect me too bad...yes some chores are pushed to the side but trust me it WILL be worth it ;-)
Until Next Time...BYE

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cami said...

I love it. Looking forward to seeing more progress updates and the finished products.

Seems like your little ones took to the skulls and stuff ok. Wish my twin girls had done the same. Last year when they were 2yo I had to pack it up. They were too scared of it all. I've got my bones crossed that they'll ok with it this year. Halloween is my favorite holiday!