Thursday, August 12, 2010

CLEAN babies = HAPPY daddy!!! (RANT)

Not to say clean babies are the only way to live a sane life but...whoa wait a minute yes clean babies are the ONLY way to live a sane life. Messy babies are just down right GROSS. Being the primary one home I tend to have to steer the kids AWAY from anything that may become a mess that I will have to clean...this includes ANY food that may potentially become a nightmare to clean up. When the wife is around she seems to feed off of the seems like she whips open the cabinets in the kitchen and thinks to herself..."What would make a HUGE mess." and bam that is exactly what she feeds them. She swears up and down that that is not the case but hey let the facts speak for themselves. When cleanup time comes around I make myself disappear...I want NOTHING to do with it. For one I personally HATE being dirty and second dirty people make me cringe.
We do have three varying degrees of mess when it comes to our kids. Rogue - VERY clean, half the time you don't even need to clean her off...Jade - It's a toss up, she has moments of clean and moments of complete disarray...Phoenix - This girl has a gift and is always a MESS, no matter what she is given she will find a way to make you want to vomit. With the triplets the mess seems to stay with the whole eating time...they don't gravitate towards mud or dirt, well maybe Phoenix does, but for the most part they keep in at the feeding table. Now with the food thing I think Phoenix gets it from her mother she too has the gift of mess...that woman oh wow what a hot mess. The wife has the uncanny ability to find a way to make the slightest thing a bit messy or at least find a way to wear it on her outfit in some form...I love you honey but the food thing boggles me. So in the end...messy food = mommy solo clean up.
Until Next Time...BYE


Anonymous said...

I DO think to myself, what would make the biggest favorite times are when I give them the messy food and then leave for work, HA!

--The Mom

micah and erica said...

Then what do you feed them? My daughter can make a mess with dry cherrios. She puts food in her mouth then chews it up a little then sticks her hands in her mouth and pulls whatever she hasn't swallowed yet out and rubs it in her hair. I can't imagine three of them.