Monday, August 16, 2010

Go ahead touch it...yup that's what hot means... (RANT)

I am a parent who believes in consequential parenting. No I don't allow them to do anything that would maim or drastically harm them...but I will see them reaching for a light bulb and tell them that it's hot, they have no idea what that means until it happens...they learn pretty fast that a light bulb that is on shouldn't be touched. Yes I also let them learn what gravity is, again how else will they learn...I don't rush over to them unless it seems like it will be a disaster (aka Broken Bones). The whole gravity thing has helped a TON. They now know what happens if you step off of the edge of the couch...BAM. But if you lay on your stomach and slide off you don't fall. It took them each one time of stepping off...
Is this style right for everyone? No, but I think parts could be adapted to any parenting style...allowing them to roam and explore. If they stand on something and you have that urge to run over, just sit tight see what happens...they may surprise you.
Until Next Time...BYE

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joe said...

I absolutely agree with you! Very similar to my style... And it usually works.