Sunday, August 22, 2010

I DON'T hold crying babies... (RANT)

Nope I won't hold you cranky pants...
Yup you heard me right. I DON'T hold crying babies...yup I am a cold heartless person. I know what your thinking it sounds harsh. Trust me...I wouldn't/couldn't survive otherwise. Ok now let me explain my idea behind this. As I grew up I watched parents with babies/kids and EVERY time they began to cry, for whatever reason it may be, they would swoop in and pick up the crying kid. Of course the kid got their way and would typically calm down almost instantly...yes I hear you...there are some situations where a pick up is warranted. A "real" fall from a good distance or a good wallop from a sibling that would be a warranted pick up...but just a typical fit or anger does not get a pickup. I watch parents pick up their kids all the time and I cringe...The kids do it just to get what they want. The kids push the parents to that point of breaking just to get their way. It's just SAD...
Here is a good example...with my kids. For some reason I have begun to notice that woman can't let a baby cry. Not sure why they do it but in my opinion they are trapping themselves in a corner. In my experience with the girls and the wife it is truly that way...I AM NOT PICKING ON MY WIFE, this is just an observation. I have noticed that the wife picks up the girls a matter what the situation. This doesn't mean I am ignoring them and not holding them...well I usually don't pick them up and carry them unless they just dropped a load or need food. I am usually on the ground playing with them or trying to get them to work on walking. Anyways...when the wife enters the room she is immediately barraged with cries from the girls until she comes in and sweeps them up. With singletons this isn't a big issue but when it comes to more than one kid life takes on a NEW element.
"Be who you are and say what your feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss (I think this will be tattooed on me one day)
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The Texas Trio said...

AMEN Brother!! Keep fighting the good fight, it will pay off.

Keep the faith,


Dawn said...

I often read you blog and love it. I have to completely agree with you on this one. I have 2 sons, 4 years and 15 months. The 15 month old loves to scream and cry to get his way. Recently I have had 2 different women, complete strangers, come up to me and my husband and tell us to pay more attention/pick up our son because he is crying/fussing. He is doing it to get his way! IT just Pisses me off. Let me take care of my kids the way I want to.
There.... added to your rant!