Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to have the WORST bath time EVER!!! (Story Time)

Well the wife had the experience of a lifetime a few days ago. Twice a week I help a friend of ours clean an office building and when I got home the wife pointed at the computer and said "Read." She seemed a bit beaten up so I walked over to the computer and on Facebook she had written this: (Glad I wasn't home for this one...)

"How to have the WORST bathtime EVER!!!!

1. Make sure you are the only one home.

2. Start bath, get babies undiapered, have baby pee on floor.

3. Get babies in bathtub, clean up pee.

4. After bathing all babies, get one out of bathtub, lotioned and diapered and discover poop in bathtub.

5. Decide to start bathtime over again after cleaning bathtub....get babies out of tub and start to clean up poop.

6. Have pooping baby start to poop outside of bathtub (don't ask how much a 25lb kid can poop!!!)

7. Have only fully clean baby step in poop.

8. Usher naked poopy babies out of bathroom and go to another bathroom.

9. Have baby pee in bedroom on carpet on the way to other bathroom.

10. Shower baby while watching other two since bathroom isn't baby proof.

11. Have baby pee on bathroom floor while showering crying baby.

12. Laugh manically because it's so horrific it's hysterical:)


Until Next Time...BYE


The Texas Trio said...

I was blessed to not encounter a poop in the bathtub. My wife was not so lucky. We did have one of ours poop in his pants while he was standing at the toilet peeing! Oh the joys of parenting.

Keep the faith!


Helen said...

Oh my goodness... your poor wife! LOL! I'd say we're lucky enough to have not had poop in the tub issues, but then I'd probably jinx it...