Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I can hear you...

Here is a little story about me and a run in with some moms. About a week ago we had a few days of awesome weather...it got close to 70 degrees...now its back to 30 degrees...make up your mind mother nature. Since the weather was nice I decided to take the girls to the park...I packed them into there new choo choo wagon and off we went...first off, the wagon is heavy when three kids are packed into it so it was a good work out. We got to the park and I was amazed...it was empty. How on earth could parents pass up a day like that...anyways...I unbuckled the girls and unleashed them on the grounds. They were having a blast...the wife was there for about 15 minutes or so before she had to go back home and sleep. Once she left the fun began...about 5 minutes after she left up pulls to minivans...yup you guessed it...full of kids...total of 5 more kids...and 2 moms.
I need to point out that I almost always have some sort of back ground noise going...sadly I function better with noise. So I have head phones in with my iPod playing some tunes. Ok before you get all bunched up in your drawers about me having head phones in while my kids play...they are turned down to an almost silent buzz...just enough to hear something and most of the time only one ear is in...now that we got that cleared up, back to the story. The new kids come rushing onto the grounds like bulls in a china shop...thankfully my kids are use to dodging stuff (yup we play dodge ball at home...my girls wont be afraid of being hit by a ball.) The moms settle there random stuff that was unnecessary in my opinion who drives a van and pulls out a stroller for kids who can walk? She obviously wasn't thinking...oh well again back to the story (hang in there, sorry about all the rabbit trails). Once the moms settled in they stood on the sidelines and did the normal (In my opinion) gossip style talk that seems (From my perspective) to be a staple for the female conversations. I over hear the normal "Can you believe she said that..." and "She talks about everyone..." and "Their marriage will never work...". This all began to flow fluidly like it was done without any hesitation...then the gears shifted. The moms began the normal banter back and forth and then I hear it...here is the dialogue I hear:
Mom 1 - "Is he here alone with those three girls? Noooo..." (They looked around a bit)
Mom 2 - "He can't be alone somebody else must be...(Trails off)"
about 5 minutes later they began to speak a little louder again (YES I eavesdrop...its ok trust me you do it too)
Mom 1 - "I don't know how he keeps track of them..."(Yup its about me...)..."How can he keep track of all three..."(Its a gift and sadly it seems you don't have it...almost in sync with this thought one of her kids goes flying and kicks her other kid in the head...PRICELESS.)
Mom 2 - "I could never do it...its crazy...the girls seems to listen to him and play really well...wow."
BRING IT MOMS...Dads are better...well at least I think so.
Ok back to the story...this whole time the moms have no idea that I can hear them. So I decided to wow them one more time. I looked at my girls and said alright ladies its time to pack it up and head home...like little army women the lined up and walked over to our choo choo wagon and climbed into their seats. I buckled them up and off we went. The faces on the moms were priceless...utterly priceless...and with that I now deem MEN better. Well not really but in that moment I felt really good...
I hope you enjoyed the story...and if not, sorry...maybe the next story will be better.
Until Next Time...BYE


Jayme said...

ROFL I love it- You show them!

Anonymous said...

Great story!

Sarah said...

dad's aren't always better. but kids that listen are the best, and that's always thanks to parents who teach 'em right, and that's you.
also, my hand looks a ton better this time, but one corner is still pretty spotty. I'll send you a pic.

Alison said...

That is great! LOL!

Al said...

I LOVE it!!! I can also relate. I need to do the ipod/headphone deal. That is the key to listening to others.

You da man!


Lara N. said...

We've got twin toddlers, and my husband is excellent with them. Whenever I've got stuff to do on the weekends, he takes over for me, takes them on excursions, and plays with them outside. We still have to be ultra careful on playgrounds as our girls DON'T listen as well as your apparently do, and if you can pass along any specific methods for how you obtained your results, we'd be grateful! We're currently doing the 1-2-3 Magic! method by Dr. Thomas Phelan, but when the girls are excited, it all goes out the window.

By the way, I just got an invite for dad bloggers to test drive some green lantern movie-tie in toys. If you're interested, let me know and I'll forward the invite to you.
-Lara N.
Twice Blessed Life - Raising Twins Heartistically!

The Speicher Kingdom said...

So funny!. I am a triplet dad myself and always feel like such an outsider around the moms at the park. They are almost always so unfriendly towards me. Funny how I seem to have more control and have better mannered, more adjusted kids than they do. This story is pretty typical of my daily experiences with 3 two year olds. I guess we are super dads or something. keep it up!-jeff