Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cup Check...(Flapping my jaw)

How do kids have the God given talent to cup check you every single time you see them...its think I am kidding well I'm not. All three of my girls have homing devices that seek and destroy. I keep telling the wife there is one advantage of us having to go through fertility and that is if we ever want another kid I have it on ice because I am sure I am sterile by now with all the shots I have taken. The fetal position has become a normal occurrence in this house for me...not because I am going insane but because I am trying not to vomit my knee caps out through my mouth. Do kids ever grow out of this ability to topple me with one swift kick of devastation, a quick headbutt of destruction, or flailing arm of doom? If you ever wonder what to buy me...a cup...titanium or steel...I don't think plastic will be able to withstand the abuse.
Until Next Time...BYE


Al said...

I hear you Brother! Might be TMI but I had to hang up the boxers in an effort to provide more protection and a more limited target for my three.

Have fun,


Derek Aldrich said...

I agree with you. It seems like my twin girls are trying to endevour they have no more siblings.