Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ow!!!! She's soooo strong...

Shots...I know we all look forward to them. Here is a little story from a few days ago with my girls. We had to take our girls to the hospital to get some blood drawn to be tested for lead (not really worried, we just have an older house and they would rather be safe than sorry). So we arrive at the hospital and we check in and get situated...thankfully we didn't have to wait to long. We opted to send in one kid at a time and the wife chose, yes she chose, to be the parent to take the kid into "the" room. We chose to go in birth the wife took Rogue in first and immediately she began to scream once she entered the room...complete bloody murder screams that I can hear in the waiting area. Once she was done the wife then grabbed Jade and headed for the room...Rogue breathes a big sigh of relief and gives me a hug. Jade seemed ok until the wife set her on the table and then the screams Rogue I too could here the death screams bellow through out the hospital. The wife came out yet again with a frazzled child in hand...the wife grabbed Phoenix and off they went. I sat waiting for them...I hear nothing...not a peep out in the waiting room. Then out they come. The wife looks at me and says you won't believe this..."Nix went in the room just fine...sat on the table and then the nurses held her down...still nothing...they poke her with the needle. She looks at the nurse and says. 'Ow'...that's it no tears nothing." little rock...laid back and easy going...and now we can add that she feels NO PAIN.
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