Friday, August 12, 2011

How do you do it? (Rant)

Is this a real question? What do you mean, how do I do it? Ummm whats the right answer? Is there a correct answer? Does any of it really matter? Almost every time I leave the house with the girls I get that very question. It baffles do I respond? I sometimes want to snap back and go, "I don't know save me from this tunnel of despair I am in..." or "Their not mine I just found them wandering around." Just for shock value...too see how people respond. I live life the same way as EVERYONE day at a time. I may have triple the responsibility of others but I use the same method everyone else does...just wing it.
Until Next Time...BYE

1 comment:

Jayme said...

Just tell them you left half of the kids at home alone in their cages to make it easier on yourself :)