Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chicago Comic Con... (Pic)

I got the opportunity, thank you wife, to attend the largest grouping of geeks in the Chicagoland area back in August...the wife and I attended Chicago Comic-Con and I was so giddy the whole are a few pictures...ENJOY.
Chewbacca - Yes he is VERY tall...

Bruce Campbell - "This is my BOOMSTICK!!!"

Lou Ferrigno - The HULK...

Christopher Lloyd - Doc Brown

Sir Patrick Stewart

Charlie from the original "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"...

The DeLorean...
The next pictures are from my favorite movie Boondock Saints...yes I have the action figures and YES I got them Autographed...JEALOUS?
Norman Reedus

Sean Patrick Flanery - Yes he drinks from a sippee cup...

David Della Rocco - FUNNY MAN

BEST DAY in a LONG time...
Until Next Time...BYE

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