Friday, July 13, 2012

Speeding? Not on my watch...

Well recently I lost my cool with a kid speeding down my street...the first time I let it go...second time I yelled at him to slow down...third time I could hear him coming from around the corner, mind you this has all happened within about 20 minutes. The third time I heard him coming, he had no I walked into the middle of the street waiting for he, yet again, came flying down my street...I held my hand out for him to stop...had him roll down his window...this is what happened next. "You have sped down my street WAY over the speed limit three times now while my kids are playing in the yard...if you coming flying down my street one more time I will pull you out of your car window and beat you in the middle of the street. Got it?". He nodded yes as he began to turn ghost white...well I have seen this kid come down my street two times since and he was going VERY slow. This probably wasn't the smartest way to handle it but I do have to admit that it was VERY effective. Unbeknownst to me my neighbor was standing behind me the whole time...after my barrage I turned and saw him and he said "well you laid into him...I was coming up in case you were to easy on him...well done sir." It's now a running joke with his kids when they come over to his house...he tells them to drive slowly or I will pull them from their car and beat them...he did give me permission if I do catch them speeding.


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