Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This park is not safe anymore!!! (Story time...gather around.)

It all started on a beautiful day in June...I was babysitting my niece and it just so happened to be a beautiful day. Our house backs up to a forest preserve so I decided me and the four girls would go for a walk on one of the paths...once we were done with that I could tell the girls didn't burn off enough energy so we decided to walk to the park. I always hope for more kids at the park so the girls are distracted and will play with them rather then drag me around..."Daddy do this, daddy do that...Dance monkey, dance". As we were coming up on the park I watched a car pull into the parking lot...and out popped some kids and a mom. At this point we are about a block we come up on the fence surrounding the park, as if the mom has a sixth sense when men are around, the moms head spins around like that of an owl as she keeps her eyes pierced on me. Keep in mind I have with me 3 three year olds and an eight year old...all girls. The moms eyes never leave me the entire fence line walk...watching me as if I some sort of a creeper. As I move closer to the park area the closer she gets to her kids...mind you doing all of this without letting her eyes leave me. As soon as I stepped into the park area with my kids she snaps her head around and says to her girls "ok time to go". Her girls quickly rattles back with "but we just got here.". Now listen to the moms mind was boggled and still is...the mom snaps back with "I don't care it's not safe now." Riddle me that Batman...


Until Next Time...BYE

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