Friday, March 15, 2013

Triple Bunk Beds

My triplet girls were quickly outgrowing their crib/toddler beds so I knew it was time to graduate them to the big girl beds but with limited space I had to think outside of the box. No store bought bunk would work so I used my brain...and bam this contraption fell out. For less than $200 I had a triple bunk bed that could support a small elephant. I'm proud of the outcome...

Just made the triplets there new big girl beds. Pretty happy with the outcome!


Made the beds to match the furniture we bought them...


Material list:

2x10 8' - 9 of them

2x4-104 5/8" - 8 of them

2x2-8' - 4 of them

1x4-10' - 6 of them

1 Gallon of white primer

1 Gallon of high gloss paint

#8 2 1/2" Screws

#10 3 3/4" Screws


Mattress Frames:

2x10 cut six at 75 1/2"

2x10 cut six at 41"

2x2 cut four at 74" (support rail for mattress)

1x4 cut fourteen at 37 3/4" (mattress supports that rest on support rail...more can be added if needed)

These will make the mattress frames...the longer boards butt up to the inside of the short ends. Screwed in using the 3 3/4" screws then mounted to walls using same size screws right into wall studs. Mattress supports were tacked in with small trim nails so they don't kids are mischievous.


Ladder and supports:

(Measurements allow for 18" of Clarence for the bottom and middle bunks...can be adjusted to ones liking)

2x4 cut two at 62 1/2" (upper bunk ladder)

2x4 cut two at 44 1/2" (upper bunk support)

2x4 cut two at 36" (middle bunk ladder)

2x4 cut two at 26 3/4" (middle bunk support)

2x4 cut six at 12" (two rungs for middle bunk and four for upper)

These will make the ladders and supports for the suspended portion of the beds. See photos for placement. Used 2 1/2" screws to hold ladder and supports together and then used 3 3/4" screws for the rungs.


Safety Rails:

2x4 cut five at 24" (Three rail supports for upper bunk and two for middle bunk)

1x4 cut two at 72" (Upper bunk rails)

1x4cut two at 53" (Middle bunk rails)

Screwed rail supports using 2 1/2" screws while the rails were screwed in using 1 5/8" screws I had laying around.


If you have any questions feel free to ask...enjoy!


Until Next Time...BYE!



The Texas Trio said...

Awesome! Long time, no talk! Looks like you are doing better than me at blogging:) Just saw an email about a SAHD reality show that made me think of you:

Hope all is well Brother! I hope to get back into the swing of things. I worked from home on a contract recruiting gig for 3 months and the kids are in school. Just wait, things go FAST!!


Ricky R said...

Awesome blog.I really like this.When building the perfect kid’s room, making the most of their space is important as they head back into a new school year. With so many options out there, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which bunk bed is the right choice.

Autism United said...

Okay that is a really great idea, limited space and three little ones, great bunks.
Who gets the top, or do they switch. When my boys were in bunks they used to switch all the time. You never knew night to night which one would be up top.

Annie said...

This is great! We now have 2 junior beds and a drawer under one of the beds where the third one can sleep in. It saves a lot of floor space, where they can play when they are awake. having triplets makes you creative.

Anonymous said...

Was having a hard time finding the right bed for my kiddos. After reading this post I was able to build it. And after a long wait at the hardware store they gave me a 25 percent cut off my total. Thank you for all the info here. My kiddos love this bed.