Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally Home!!!! (28 Weeks 0 Days)

After a week in the hospital they finally released me yesterday afternoon, wooohoo!! After reading the last blog that Ry wrote I feel the need to expand on what happened. Wednesday they were all set to transfer me until the contractions started up again. Disclaimer: might be too much info for some of you:) When they 'assessed' me I was 1 cm dilated (which I was the night before) but my effacement had gone from 50% to 70% (a sign that the labor was progressing) and additionally the doc felt some pressure, not a good thing! So they kept me in L & D and continued to medicate me. I was doing well for the rest of the day until the next morning I started having those stinkin' contractions again....and the cycle continues. They decided at that point to start me on a continuous infusion of the terbutaline. It's basically like an insulin pump that diabetics have, where the medicine infuses into my thigh tissue run by a little pump. After about 24 hours of adjustments they decided that I didn't need continues monitoring and that I could go to the mother baby unit to fine tune the dosages and such. Before I transferred (this was on Saturday) they assessed me and found that my effacement had decreased, something that is extremely rare! Saturday night and Sunday I was still having some episodes of frequent contractions requiring additional medication but finally on Monday it looked like the dosages were working!!!! Yesterday morning after monitoring, the doc said that I could go home on bed rest and here I sit:)

Even though the last week seemed like an eternity, I know that it would have been much worse if not for all the support from our family and friends. Thank you for your prayers (and don't stop now:) ), your visits and your calls, we appreciate it!

Now here are some fun photos for all of you to gawk at.

Here is Ryan with his front pack/feed bag. Guess its not made for big guys. Ryan wont be using it.

Can you tell the babies are growing? Here I am at 27 Weeks 6 Days...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pre-Term Labor (27 Weeks 0 Days)

Well this has been a VERY eventful 24 hours. Yesterday Megan and I went to interview a pediatrician that was recommended to us by another triplet mom in Megan's triplet mom group. We were very happy with the office and Doctors in the practice. After that we stopped off at the grocery store to pick up a few pregnancy cravings.

Once we arrived home the fun started. At about 6:30pm Megan began to have some contractions...nothing to painful but strong enough to know they were there. She began to time them and they got as frequent as 3-6 minutes apart so she called the on call Doctor. He wanted us to come in to the hospital, which turned out to be a good thing. We arrived at the hospital at around 8:30pm and she was immediately admitted and put onto an IV. Then they began to try and monitor all three babies all night long...which meant a nurse had to sit on the side of Megan's bed all night and continue to move the monitors to keep with the moving babies. With this nuisance Megan got no sleep at all last night. Lucky me, I was able to sleep in the chair that was in the room for a few hours.

At about midnight she received a series of was a steroid for the babies lungs(second shot in series will be tonight at about midnight) and then she had another shot and some pills for the contractions. 8:00am this morning they finally gave up trying to monitor all three babies on the heart monitors. Megan was finally able to lay any way she wanted uninterrupted and was able to get a little shut eye. As of today at 2:00pm the contractions had subsided to about 2-3 every 30 minutes. She is currently being transferred out of the Labor and Delivery unit and being moved over to the mother baby unit just to continue to monitor her contractions to make sure they have them under complete control.

Keep Megan and the girls in your prayers that everything will continue to stay on track...I will post any updates as they come in.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting closer.....

Just thought I would do a quick update since we had a growth ultrasound today. The girls are doing really well, their weights are 1lb 15oz, 2lb, and 2lb 2oz. The doc is still quite pleased with my progress but they are starting to keep a closer eye on me, with visits at least every week. All the doctor appts are really starting to cramp my social life:) We also took a tour of the NICU since the babies will more than likely be there for at least a little while. I kept saying "what a little baby" and the nurse would say "oh that's not little, that's a giant!". So I'm hoping our girls will be "giants". The staff was incredibly nice and I could see that if the girls have to go there they will be well taken care of. I think the visit made Ryan even more anxious to see the little ladies, I have a feeling I will be abandoned as soon as he can go see them, although I don't blame him!!!!

Diana (Ryan's sister who was in the hospital for the blood clots) is now home. She is still having quite a bit of swelling in her leg and is quite uncomfortable but so far everything looks good. Last night Ryan was 'stuck' with the two of us, we are quite a sight hobbling around!

Uncle Dan is still in the hospital, we are praying for him and his family for a recovery. It just seems to be one thing after another.

I know, still no pics....soon very soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VERY Eventful (26 Weeks 0 Days)

So this last week was very eventful....not for us personally (thank goodness!) but for Ryan's side of the family. The events started with Uncle David going into the hospital for symptoms of a heart attack which turned out to be a pinched nerve in his back (gotta love the human body, keeps ya thinkin'), then Uncle Dan's heart decided to just give up, thankfully he was in the hospital for all of the really serious stuff, now he has a bionic heart (a defibrillator implanted onto his heart) so if it decides to start any funny business it gives it a jolt, much like a pacemaker. THEN Diana (Ryan's sister) went into the hospital for a swollen purple leg, I say she's being a little dramatic BUT that's just me (just kidding Mom Gillaspie!). It turns out she got herself some blood clots in her leg and a few in each lung, an impressive feat for a healthy 23 year old. Of course all in time for her 3rd wedding this Saturday:)

Now for the triplet news..... We went in on Friday to see the doc and he said that everything looks good and to keep my activity to only 20 minutes at a time. Do you know what you can do in 20 minutes? Not much! Of course it usually takes that long for me to get up off the couch, which is quite the spectacle.

Saturday proved to be an eventful day. We had part II of our birthing class, we trudged down to Park Ridge in the snow and found that the class was canceled. Apparently we should've gotten a phone call, which we didn't, which was ironic because we live the farthest of anyone in the class. The trip wasn't completely wasted, there is a mother of triplets that lives about 20 minutes away from the hospital that had some swings for us. So we get there and as we are loading up the van with the swings she mentions that she had a double stroller in the garage out back. We pull around and as we're loading this she remembered that she had some infant car seats that she had ordered but never used. So we got two brand new, in the box infant car seats. We get home, open up the boxes, and the car seats are green and brown, my favorite color combination!!! Needless to say I was very excited!!!

On Sunday Ryan and I decided to make a quick trip to Menard's and then to walmart (all with a 20 minute activity restriction). We figured once we got to Wal Mart I would just use one of the automated carts. When we got there the parking lot was packed and with my driving skills I decided that it would be best for the safety of small children if we didn't. So Monday I decide that I can do this myself and besides who goes shopping on a Monday mid morning? It turns out that all stay at home moms and people over the age of 70 shop on Monday mornings. I didn't harm anyone and I got what I needed although Ryan will have to do the rest of the shopping later this week. Also on Monday I went to the cardiologist to get the 'ol ticker checked out. Turns out I do have a heart, and it's working pretty good. Just to be certain I got to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours, I'll get the results on Friday.

I know bedrest sounds like a vacation to alot of people, but I encourage you to sit on a couch and do nothing, absolutely nothing. Every hour get up to go to the bathroom, but first duct tape a 40lb watermelon to your abdomen. Also, don't forget, you can't just get up using your abdominal muscles, first you just roll to your side, kick your feet to the ground and hope it offsets your upper half to a sitting position. Now get up without falling over or wetting yourself. Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be pregnant, very happy and I'm very happy to have 3 healthy babies growing inside me BUT please don't tell me it must be nice to be on bedrest:) I think not getting out of the house today made me a little crabby....

Yesterday and today have been uneventful days, I didn't even leave the house today which I thought was going to be relaxing but I'm starting to feel stir crazy. The snow and dropping temperatures don't help, but for the next 5 days I have Ryan to entertain/argue with, so that will help break things up. Friday we go to see the doc again and this time we'll get an estimate as to how much the babies weigh, aka the highlight of my week.

Sorry for no pics this time. If you have a creative idea for a picture let us know.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings...NO GOOD (25 Weeks 0 Days)

Since Ryan is working full time and I'm basically just growing babies he decided that I should try my hand at the whole blogging thing. So far we're plugging right along with very few problems. I'm still figuring out what not to eat, although it should have been obvious to me that the buffalo wings were not going to sit well. I was hoping however that the heartburn would have stopped after 6 hours of ingestion but no such luck.

I heard from the Dr. today regarding my glucose test, I passed. A huge relief! I am a little anemic but that's to be expected, nothing a little iron supplement can't fix.

Being home on modified bed rest hasn't been too bad. Of course I do a load of laundry and I'm done for the day, but at least I'm still allowed to go out into the general public, too bad for the general public. I think at this stage of pregnancy strangers are just plain scared of me, I'm sure the ill fitting clothes and scary hair don't help anything. I basically looked like a crazed woman that swallowed a couple of watermelons.

The girls kick at varying times, I always find it amusing when one starts and suddenly the rest are awake and kicking away. At times my belly looks a bit morphed from them moving around, especially after I eat spicy food. The other night I made a taco dish a little to0 spicy and boy did the girls respond to that. Ryan got to see one of the girls move and then was able to feel her moving around, he was pretty excited about that, I can only imagine the first time that he actually gets to hold them!!!

I really have to say the pics don't do justice to showing the size of the belly. Of course it might just be that I feel like I have 5 tons sitting on my spine!

Last night we registered, it would've been a complete disaster if not for our friend Kristen but fortunately it went very well. As we were finishing up the scanner gun started beeping and read "registry full", just another reminder that we're having three!!!
Last Saturday we had our first of two child birthing classes. We're doing condensed versions due to Ryan working and the fact that it's 45 minutes away. We really didn't glean much from it since it was mostly about labor, but we got to tour the mother baby unit as well as the nursery which was good. The instructor showed us the elevator that leads down to the NICU where the babies have a good chance at starting off at (any baby born at less than 34 weeks is an automatic NICU visit). You gotta love the people that you end up with in class, they were the entertainment for the whole thing. We saw a set of twins, one was visibly much larger than his of the mothers commented while looking at the smaller of the babies "ooo I want a little baby". I just about wet myself (that's a different issue). Really?!? A little baby? I said that I was hoping for big fat babies, don't think she quite got that! We also got quite the education from one of the birthing coaches about what they did 20 years ago.....because that's relevant to the rest of us, yes we get it, it's our first baby, you've had one before, good for you. The best was one of the guys who felt the class wasn't very entertaining and a little repetitive....I don't know if I want to know what his ideal class would be!
This Friday we see the doc and make sure everything is going well with our second birth class on Saturday....big plans.