Friday, February 27, 2009

The journey has now BEGUN officially (2 Days Old)

I was tired when writing this...pardon the grammar and so on.
Well I am home for a little bit so I thought I would post some photos and give some updates on the girls and mom. I guess I should start from the beginning. Megan went in on Wednesday for a regular doctors check up. Grandma Leafblad and my aunt Vicki took Megan to the appointment so I could stay at work. It was suppose to be a normal, in and out, check up. Once there she had to do her normal routine...pee in a cup...check weight...check blood pressure. Her blood pressure was a little high. She did the ultrasounds to do a check on the girls. They saw Jade and Phoenix do some practice breathing. Rogue on the other hand was in bad positions to see if she was practicing. At the end of the appointment the doctor came in and told her there was protein in her urine and said they were going to admit her into the hospital. That's when I got a phone call that said, in a little bit of a panicky voice, you need to come to the hospital they are admitting me.
My grandma and Vicki stayed with Megan until I arrived. Once I got there, Megan began to have alot of painful contractions. They ran some blood tests to test for preeclampsia and sure enough she was in the early stages of it. The doctor wanted to wait an hour and see how fast it was advancing. Well it took Megan less than 6 minutes to make the decision for everyone. The contractions were growing in pain and intensity. The doctor was paged back in and check her. He looked at her and said "The bag is bulging and I can feel a foot, here they come." So they rushed her off to prep the O.R. and her. Then I had to wait about 20 minutes alone in her room and put on some scrubs. The rest is history.
Now for some baby and Momma drama updates. Megan will be in the hospital for a bit and they hope she will be able to go home on Sunday. I stayed at the hospital the last two nights and "slept" in a recliner next to Megan. Megan had alot of pain the first night but morphine became her best friend quickly. She was able to finally see the girls Thursday night at about 7pm. She is now able to stand up, sit down, lay down, and walk. She is still unable to eat solid foods. Once she passes gas they will allow for solid foods but right now all she gets is a clear liquid diet. MMMMMM yummy.
The Moment you've all been waiting for PICTURES.

Rogue Madeline Gillaspie
Here is Rogue on CPAP. It helps her breath and helps regulate her respiration's. All three were on this for the first night. The splint on her left arm is her IV (all three have this). Then the tube coming out of her mouth runs down to her stomach. With CPAP it is blowing air into her airway and some air goes to the stomach and fills it up with air and mucus so they were using the tube to pull that stuff out of there. The band on her left foot is her oxygen sensor.

Her Rogue is again without the CPAP. She may be the smallest but she wants to set the record straight, shes the strongest. She has the least issues and breaths the strongest on her own. Trying to show her size with my forearm.

Tubeless Rogue poses for the Camera. They were changing her tube from mouth to nose so they can feed her. They moved the tube because she wasn't going to need CPAP anymore.

I got to hold her Thursday morning. Megan was jealous because she still hadn't even seen them yet.

Kangaroo Care time. Megan got to do this with Rogue this morning. What a happy lady, both of them.

Jade Leafblad Gillaspie
Jade with her CPAP. She is now off of it.

Waving to the camera. No CPAP.

She likes her pacifier.

Mom holding Jade. This was the first baby she got to hold.

Phoenix Nicole Gillaspie
Her is our chunky monkey. She sadly is still on her CPAP. They tried to take her off but she was breathing way to rapidly. The CPAP is helping regulate her a little bit.

When she was trying the whole CPAPless life.

Proud papa talking to Phoenix.
All three babies are eating through their tubes. Phoenix is the only one who hasn't pooped yet. Well its nap time for poppa, as I have the time and opportunity I will try to update as often as possible. Thanx for all the prayers.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

They have arrived... (1 Day Old)

Baby B
Phoenix Nicole Gillaspie
3lbs 13oz
Baby A
Rogue Madeline Gillaspie
3lbs 0.7oz
Baby C
Jade Leafblad Gillaspie
3lbs 1.9oz

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Any day now.... (31 weeks)

So today I went and saw the doc, I asked him when we would schedule the c-section....he smiled and said "Why don't we wait until 32 weeks, and just so you know I'm on call this weekend". 32 weeks is in a week, I got the feeling that I'm closer to having these babies than I thought;) My exam went well, I'm still 1cm dilated and about 70-80% effaced so basically if my meds stop working I'm having a few babies! The last couple of days I've been having a lot of contractions about 5-7 an hour, they raised my limit to 7 today because I'm consistently just 1 contraction over. They really can't increase my medication because of my heart rate, this morning half asleep on my side it was 120, a little high for a resting heart rate. The girls are doing well, today they double checked Rogue's amniotic fluid and it was satisfactory. We do a biophysical profile next week which checks a variety of things via ultrasound; on the last one the girls each got 8 out of 8 (they take after their mother) so hopefully we continue to get good results.

Ryan is starting to get a little giddy with the prospect of the girls coming so soon, I'm a little giddy at the thought of being somewhat normal again! Although over all I hope they stay in for at least a couple more's better for them and I would like to have some time with the girls at home before I have to go back to work.

Stay posted, the girls will be here any day now!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're getting closer!!!!! (30 Weeks 0 Days)

Here's an updated photo....I know, I know....'I don't look that big' at least that's what everyone tells me:) Although I must say, I feel huge!

It's been an interesting week, today is a big milestone, 30 weeks is really good and for the most part we can count on the girls being born in the next 4 weeks or so. Ryan and my mother think that it's going to be in the next week or so but I think they are just feeling sorry for me at this point. Over the weekend I started to have too many contractions again leading to an impromptu visit to the doc on Monday. Everything looked really good. I told them that I wasn't feeling Jade as much as the the other girls so they did an ultrasound and all the girls got an A+. So basically the doc said on Monday that they would increase my threshold regarding the contractions allowing 6 per hour before an intervention instead of 4, so of course the next time I monitor I have 7 now they've increased my medication and we'll see how that goes over the next few days.

Ryan has had a cold the last week and somehow by the grace of God I have not caught it. I think that would push me over the edge. Overall I'm feeling pretty good, the meds make me jittery and all the weight has started to give me pelvic pain pretty bad but I know it could be much much worse. So that's pretty much it, hopefully in the next few weeks we will have good news of three fat healthy babies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

29 weeks.....hanging in there....

So today I am 29 weeks pregnant, I joke with Ryan that it feels more like I'm 40 months pregnant. I can't believe that I'm already this far, it feels like time is moving more quickly, especially with the thought that at this point they have such a good chance at making it with few complications. Ryan seems to think that I'll deliver at around 30 weeks but I told him I'm holding out for 34 or more. I hope I win that bet.....

We went to the doc on Friday and he said everything looked good, I'm still barely 1cm dilated. In fact the doc said we didn't need to come back for another 10-14 days, it's like a vacation! (Not quite, but you get the picture) So the next time we go in, Friday the 13th, we will be doing another growth scan to see how the little ones are growing, I'm hoping for 3 and 1/2 pounds!

Surviving bed rest hasn't been too bad, I think partly due to my hermit tendencies. I'm officially done reading baby feels like I've been studying for a huge test for the last 7 months and I just can't seem to do it anymore! I'm also sick of TV and I reserve any TV watching for when Ryan is home, and even then sometimes I can't quite handle it. I know, poor me:) So entertainment is down to reading fiction books and thinking about how I really should read all those nursing magazines that I get.

Sunday was my baby shower, I got permission to go from the doc under the condition that I sit in one place with my feet up. Of course the day of my shower when I monitored (I monitor for an hour twice a day) I had 10 contractions in an hour, not that it stopped me from going to the shower:) The shower was wonderful, my family and friends did a great job! I of course walked in sat in a recliner and stayed there for the duration, little things such as breathing and blinking leave little energy for anything else. All who attended and even many who did not were very generous with their gifts which we of course appreciate!

Here's a pic of me at the shower......I don't know why people thought I was uncomfortable.....