Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Due Date... (2 Months Old)

It's been awhile since I last updated and thought I would do a quick update before the next feeding. It has been a VERY frustrating week since I last posted. Megan and I have now seperated the feedings into two section...we are each responsible for one of them. I am in charge of 4pm 8pm and midnight. In turn Megan has 4am 8am and noon. Our sleeping schedules are REALLY screwed up and sleep is sort of a loose term we use around here.
Few updates about their weights....we are worried about Jade seeing as how she had no weight gain at all. Other than that they all are the same length 20". The doctor has now put her on OnDemand feedings...with one baby it would be easy with two others in tow VERY difficult. Jade is now also on Zantac twice a day.

Rogue 6lbs 15oz
Jade 5lbs 12oz (no weight gain)
Phoenix 7lbs 0oz
We have also found that they like to sleep during the day and "scream" ALL night long. I am trying to adjust to this seeing as how I am in charge of the night feedings. Glad I shave my head because I would probably want to pull all my hair out. Oh step at a time. We keep telling ourselves that this is only a temporary phase in this grand scheme we call life. I just wish they could tell me why they are screaming that would make my life soooooo much easier. Oh well ....
The weather here has begun to warm up a little and we even had the opportunity to go out for a walk....problem was it began to rain when we were the furthest from the house. It was a LONG sad wet walk back home. Lets just say the next walk will be on a cloudless day. Well off to feed the girls...until next time. bye.

This is our dishwasher...TWICE a day. Our water bill is going to be outrageous.

The dogs were staring at the front door and nobody was there.

Snuggling with the girls.

Rogue like burritos....mmmmm

Happy cheerful Grandma's.

How is this comfortable?

Phoenix with a little smirk.

Rogue throwing "Power to the People"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PICTURE update. (1 Month 3 Weeks Old)

Just thought I would give a little random photo update. Most of the pictures are from the weekend. Hope you like....ENJOY.

Big sister Daisy watching over Rogue while I got the grub ready.

Phoenix blew chow all over Auntie Di. All I did was run to put some garbage in the garbage can outside and I came back inside to Diana sitting like this on the couch trying not to move.
(It was VERY soupy)

Here is Auntie Di playing with Jade.

My old man trying to remember how to change a's been almost 27 years.

Uncle Matthew getting to see the girls for the first time...enjoying every moment.

Friday, April 10, 2009

HAPPY EASTER from the Bunnies (1 Month 2 Weeks 4 Days Old)

We did what any self respecting parent would do on their kids first Easter...TORTURE THEM. We dressed them up in little bunny ears and squeezed them into their preemie homecoming outfit. It was a very interesting photo opportunity...we even got individuals. I shot a quick vid of this joyous experience. ENJOY.




Guess who is who...good luck.

Poll in right column

I think someone made a bad smell, can you guess who.

A little close up shot.

Photo Shoot...

What happens when you take away the pacifiers.


Peep this...(1 Month 2 Weeks 2 Days Old)

Well on Thursday we had our first eye doctors appointment. What an experience... The gasps from the onlookers was priceless and slightly humorous. I am sure it will begin to wear on us and become annoying and sounds of ignorance. Only time will tell. We visited our O.B. office and then we went down and saw a few of our NICU nurses. During our eye doctor visit we were told that we seemed very laid back with the whole triplet thing. Not sure if parents freak out during these visits or something but we decided to take it one step at a time. We even did our first feeding on the GO. We fed and changed all three right there in the waiting room without incident. Now for the outcome of the appointment.
First things first...Dilated eyes are CREEPY. Now for the appointment...during the visit Phoenix and Jade eyes both look premature...duh...but Rogue has a slight bit of ROP. The Dr. said it was nothing to worry about and that she should grow right through it without any problems. So, we will just have to sit back and wait. They all have a follow up appointment in two weeks...hope what little issues they saw with Rogue will be all cleared up and that Nix and Jade's eyes are matured enough to check for any issues.
We had Uncle Nate and Aunt Diana come over to see the girls. It was Nate's first visit and it was Diana's first time seeing them all together. Well I better get ready for this are some pics plus a little vid for enjoyment...
This week has been a VERY LONG one for me. Glad it's over...
Here I am "excited" about being at the eye doctors.

Here is Uncle Nate holding one of the girls for the first time. I think it's Jade that's in his arms.

Uncle Nate changing his first diaper. Oh the Joy.

Here are the girls laying on the couch while I prep their grub.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poopie Smile (1 Month 1 Week 6 Days Old)

Well we had another doctors appointment today. They are growing rapidly...sounds like they really are Gillaspie's. We did fail to mention one thing about Jade. When we got her home from the hospital she had some gooey build up in her right eye so the hospital cultured it before she left A few days later we got a phone call saying that it came back as MRSA. Her eye was tested again when she went into the doctor for the first time, the results were the same. To say the least we were not happy with her coming home with it but now we have to deal with it. We were given medicated eye drops for her eyes to try and eliminate it and so far it is working. Today the doctor said it is looking very good but to continue to medicate the eyes for a few more days. Other than that everyone is doing fine and is very healthy. We did get a weigh in today and here are the results:

Rogue: 5lbs 12oz
Jade: 5lbs 12oz
Phoenix: 6lbs 2oz
Rogue really packed it on since our last visit to the doctor. She gained 11oz in 6 days, not bad. We were actually worried about Rogue because she hadn't had a BM in almost 4 days. This morning she decided at about 2:00 am to uncork her payload. She is definitely allowing that to flow freely now. It's sad when that brings a smile to my face...poopie diaper = smile...I am messed up.

Now for the pictures and a video:
First pic of the five of us.

Looks like a lot of baby.

Holding babies is an experience. Grandma Gillaspie learning how to record...point and shoot.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pee Party (1 Month 1 Week 3 Days Old)

Well Megan and I have found out that we can both feed all three girls by ourselves. Megan took a few 4am feedings on her own and I tried a midnight feeding by my lonesome. It is a task but its also very possible. Together we can feed all three in about an hour. Then we clean up and by the time we crawl into bed we have to get back up in about 2 hours. This is rough...I already can't wait till they can sleep through the night and I have just begun this journey. Oh well its part of the journey I guess.

Well onto a lighter note we have begun to have those humorous moments (not humorous at the time) that you always hear about. It all started with bath night on Thursday night. Megan just finished bathing Rogue. Megan came walking out of the bathroom with her all wrapped in a towel. All of a sudden Rogue began to pee and not just pee a little but she went a TON. Megan didnt know what to do other than to continue to hold her ... Rogue went all over the front of Megan. Worse part is that she had to re-bathe her. Despite the situation I found it funny and grabbed the camera here is the result.

Rogue's little accident.

Here is Mama trying to cuddle two screaming babies...the key word is "trying".

Phoenix is trying to help me feed her the bottle...I guess I wasn't doing a good enough job.

Here is camera shy Rogue trying to hide her face from the paparazzi.

Here is a little vid of how Rogue shakes when she gets excited about her pacifier.


I am sad to say I am actually in LOVE with a vacuum. My mother brought over her new Dyson and I was able to use it to vacuum our house. Talk about a techy fun vacuum...OK enough about that. Until next time...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

GRUNTS!!!!! (1 Month 1 Week 1 Day Old)

Well it has been a total of three nights with all of the girls together... We are exhausted... Very exhausted but we are surviving. Not being able to sleep more than 2.5 hours in a row is pretty tiring plus the short tempers don't help. All I know is were gonna survive. Our house is beginning to sound a little bit like a farm...grunts and squawks all day long. Well not much to update other than their weights...
Rogue: 5lbs 1oz
Jade: 5lbs 4oz
Phoenix: 5lbs 10oz
ENJOY THE PICTURES (plus the grunting video)
Here is Phoenix looking at Rogue making funny faces. (I think she is filling her diaper)

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix.
Now that Jade has begun to fill out you can see how similar her and phoenix are.

More of the three together at last.

This is what we mean by GRUNTS. We hear this all day and night.