Saturday, September 26, 2009

SICK babies are no fun...

Well for the last four or five days our house has been fighting allergies and colds. All three of the girls have been fighting the colds while I have been battling these wonderful allergies. The girls have had this really bad runny nose and have been VERY one point Nix was running a little warm but that has passed. I do think we have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel...the girls are FINALLY sleeping through the night again...which in turn allows me to sleep through the night. We can't seem to find much that makes them happy right now...unless of course I am holding them...God didn't give me three arms so its a little difficult to hold them all at the same time. Thankfully, despite being sick, Jade is still herself and is very happy and content with doing whatever...every once in a while we catch her staring at her hands, just studying them...she kind of looks like a stoner would when they look at their hands while high just completely spaced out and completely intrigued by them.


Here is a quick status update of the girls. Everyday their little personalities are beginning to blossom. Phoenix is very caring...cuddly...sensitive. Jade is very happy...smiley...laid back. Rogue is very proud...attention seeking...attached to her daddy. It is really cool watching them advance not only in their physical capabilities but also mental capabilities. Rogue and Jade are doing great with sitting on their own...Nix is still having a few issues with sitting up straight but it is slowing being corrected with some therapies we try and run with her everyday.


Now for some pictures...ENJOY.

Jade laid back sleeping...she actually sleeps this way, with her hands behind her head, all the time.

Nix cuddling up to her mom made them all a few silkies as blankies...thanx Grandma

Jade looking up at daddy...

Rogue hanging out with her doggy...she LOVES Daisy and Daisy is great with her.

Jade, Rogue, and Daisy hanging out with mama.

Sunday, September 20, 2009's my job...what's yours?

Well it has been a while...sorry life just flies by. Just be warned this post is a little enjoy. Well I thought I would tell a humorous story for this post...well it wasn't as funny at the time for Megan...but being the supportive husband that I am, I was laughing for sure. Well as some of you may know Megan is a SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit) nurse so she deals with some really messy situations regarding any bodily fluid. She is not only the care taker but also the cleanup crew when it come to any messy situation. It just occurred to her the other day that she NEVER leaves that aspect of her job even when she comes home. Now for the story...Jade has been having issues with being constipated and is always in need of assistance when it comes to the ever so popular, POOP. Yes we have to glove up and help with the entire process...the first time that this experience happened we were VERY unprepared. We had no gloves next to us for this first glorious after about 15 minutes of me trying to figure how to handle the situation on my own I decided to call in the reinforcements, the nurse. She comes down to "Mr. Germaphobe"...I am not a big fan of getting poop on my hand or anywhere else for that matter. I also have a hard time with "real"vomit...this baby puke is doesn't have that "true" vomit far so good there. So when those two experiences come into focus I call for backup...hopefully she is always around when either of them happen. the wife is pretty much knuckle deep in doo doo. The entire process of using A&D as a lubricant and all...Jade has finally passed her brown bombers. The whole process took a total of about 40 minutes...not a pleasant experience for anyone in this house...the gentle aroma of poo hadn't even settle when Megan realized she needed to refill the wipes on the changing table...which are stored in the basement. So off she trots to grab some wipes...once she refilled the wipes she sat down to feed Jade. By this time I had finished feeding the other two and began to cleanup after the girls meal when the great discovery was made. Little brown spot are all over the main floor...they are on every other stair down to the basement...then they continue into our pantry...where, go figure, our wipes are stored...are you beginning to put this together yet? I began my hunt to figure out what had just happened...first thought...dogs. Nope they are clean...then I began to replay everywhere Megan had walked during "the" doodie drama. Yes you guessed some point Megan had drop a little turd onto the floor by the changing table and had somehow stepped in it...unknowingly. She then proceeded to traipse around the house with the brown wonder on her feet. We now had Jade poop from one end of the house to the other. This is where I began to laugh...Megan didn't believe me until she looked at the bottom of her bare foot and sure enough there it was in all its glory Jades butt brownie was squashed onto the bottom of her foot. So if you feel you are having a bad day just remember you didn't step in your child's poop and then proceed to leave little bits of it all over your house.
Picture TIME...Enjoy.
My sister Diana ... I'm soooo proud.

My brother in law Nate...nice catch Diana.

Rogue and Diablo having a staring contest...she loves her doggies.

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix giving their triplet stroller a try for the first time.

Jade in her activity center...

Rogue...look at those eye lashes.

Diablo using one of the girls toys as a chin rest...lazy dog can't even hold his own head up.

Phoenix practising her reading already...

Jade reading to Phoenix...

Phoenix and Jade...they don't look very identical to me.

Rogue trying to put Jade in an arm bar...

Jade and Rogue practicing Jiu-Jitsu.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

When it pours!!!

Well life was going just great...falling back into my routine...dealing with babies. Then a curve ball was thrown at us this morning...I woke up at my normal time of 5:30am to do a feeding when all of a sudden I noticed, roughly, 30-40 dead ants laying on my kitchen and dining room floor. So I quickly clean them up and turn around and notice another 15 or so live ants crawling lets just say I spent a good hour and a half killing and cleaning up ants. So today started off on a bad note...I thought it could only get better from there...HA I was wrong. So the wife and I ran out with the girls to buy a few things...ant traps, Zout, diaper rash cream, you know the necessities. When we arrived home...yes you guessed it...another 20 or so dead ants. So I went in search of where the ants are coming into the I went in the crawl space to find one of my drain pipes leaking. Not a little but a I called a buddy, who came over, to help me try and find the source of the leak...go figure its behind the wall behind the sink cabinet in my kitchen. So now I have a call into a plumber...not to stop this wonderful string of luck right there...we just had our second, this week, gallon of milk to spoil in our fridge that doesn't seem to keep our food quite as cold as it use too be. So we need to add that to our list of fixes/upgrades on this wondrous house...ahhh the joys of home ownership. (hold on...running off to kill some ants) Oh yeah one more kicker...on Monday we are having our furnace and A/C replaced $$$$. Our furnace and A/C aren't broken but with 32 years under our furnaces belt we feel we should relieve it of its duty before it gives up on the coldest day of the winter...better to buy it now than buy it in the dead of winter...even though we didn't plan on this day of glorious mishaps we must move forward...oh well life will go on, right? So if you ever feel like your day is going bad just revert yourself back to this post...well here are two vids and a pic to try and lighten the mood...ENJOY.
Here is my niece Ellie and my boxer Daisy dancing...

Jade in a RARE moment of giggles...this was fun to see.

Follow the bouncing ball...

Until next time...BYE

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to the Grind...

Ahhhh...I just returned fro my first extended break away from my girls since they came home over 5 months ago. I haven't gone to bed without feeding or holding one of my girls until this past weekend. Friday afternoon I left to go camping with three friends of mine up in Lake Geneva WI, about an hour from my house. Then on Saturday our wives joined us at the camp grounds...Megan and I did take a quick run home on Sunday because we had some family in town and we wanted to visit with them a little bit...then we came home, officially, this morning (Monday). It was fun and relaxing...well sort of relaxing...we need an air mattress...this sleeping on the ground stuff is for the birds. While we were out camping we had my parents come and stay at our house for the weekend to take care of the girls...along with the help from my mother in-law...they seemed to have everything under control but as always they leave by always commenting on how much they respect what we do with taking care of three 6 month old and how it isn't an easy job...
I have just a few developmental updates from the past week or so...we have three raspberry blowers...Rogue and Phoenix are able to sit almost completely on their own, just need slight nudges to help from toppling over...all three girls are reaching and shuffling for toys out of reach, which is a good sign for some crawling.
Now I have to change gears and fall back into the whole routine, which I strangely missed. Back to the structure and routine here I are a few pictures...enjoy.

She is actually sleeping while sitting up...again another CRAZY sleeping position.

Jade being a little angel and sleeping with a thumb in her mouth.

Rogue looking around in her new mirror...thanks to our family who visited us this past weekend.

Jade, Phoenix, and Rogue just hanging out in the window...

Jade posing for the camera unknowingly...she's sleeping.

Jade reaching for the rings which happen to be right by her doggy Diablo.

Rogue wrestling Jade while they play with their toys...

Our boxer Daisy can't seem to resist smelling Megan's finger nail polish remover and continue to make a face when she catches a whiff of the stink.