Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crazy Week...

It has been a long time since I posted...been a little busy.
Wow what a crazy got all the deaths in celebrity world to top everything off(Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and as of today Billy Mays). Its crazy hearing about all of these big name people dying...hmmm makes you think a little doesn't it.
I for one had a busy week with three tattoos...yeah for money...triplets are expensive, who would have thought. So I was busy preparing everything for those while Megan prepared for visitors...we had visitors on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It's sad that visitors make for a more exhausting day for both us and the girls. Don't get us wrong we enjoy having visitors but it doesn't take any of the stress off of having three little ones...sadly it adds a little to the stress level...not to sure why but it just does. Anyways we had Megan's grandmother, who was up from Tennessee for a wedding, was able to stop by here on Tuesday and Thursday to spend time with Megan and the girls. Then on Wednesday Megan's brother, Matthew, came to visit the girls. We also went to Walmart on Wednesday evening...those trips are much needed. It is such a relief to go out with the whole family and not have any meltdowns (parents or kids).
This weekend has also been a bit a trip for is my first FULL weekend completely on my own (by choice). It has been a trying time at some points...Megan arrives home from work in the morning to feed one of the girls during the 8am and then she wakes up in time to feed one of the girls at the 4pm...other than that I am on my own ALL weekend...its actually peaceful. This weekend I have had the opportunity to start a schedule with the girls (naps, playtime, relax(haha)...ect.) I was also able to clean the house a little...vacuuming and times.
Now for the a video. Enjoy.
Rogue playing on her mat...

Jade playing on her play mat...

Great Grandma Ritli holding Rogue...

My father's day sign from the girls...

Rogue admiring the view...

Mom, Rogue, and Daisy taking a nap...

Megan with Rogue and her hat...

Ellie holding her cousin Phoenix...


Nix with her rattle and making some noise...


Rogue with her rattle...


Until next time....BYE.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Day in the life of a SAHD

A day in the shoes of a Stay at Home Dad of 4 month old Triplets. Sounds like fun doesn't it.

8:15am Wake up.
8:20am Start feeding Jade.
9:25am Finished feeding Jade (She doesn't normally take this long).
9:30am Start feeding Phoenix.
9:50am Finished feeding Phoenix.
9:55am Start feeding Rogue.
10:30am Finished feeding Rogue.
10:45am Megan wakes up I head for the shower (Megan did the 4AM feeding)
11:15am I unload dishwasher and prepare lunch for me and Megan while she showers.
11:40am Eat lunch.
11:50am Prepare Babies bottles for feeding.
12:00am-1:30pm Feed babies.
1:45pm Clean up bottles from feeding.
2:00pm Spray all baby clothes with Zout and then put it in the wash.
2:20pm-2:45pm Free Time (Relax, ha).
2:45pm-3:45pm Download pics from camera and update Blog.
3:45pm Start baths.
4:00pm Finished first bath start feeding on Phoenix.
5:30pm Finished feeding and bathing all three.
6:00pm Finish eating my own dinner (Megan leaves for work)
6:00pm-7:30pm Play with the girls...keep them happy...easier said than done.
7:30pm Start feeding.
10:30pm Feeding is FINALLY done.
10:45pm Finish loading dishwasher from the day.
11:00pm Prepare myself for bed.
11:15pm BED.
3:45am Wake up to screaming Jade.
4:00am-5:30am Feed the girls.
5:45am Back to bed.

Start Cycle all over again....routine is life, you mess with my routine you mess with my life. The only things I don't do everyday is the laundry and baths. This was my routine on Friday June 19. I did this more for my benefit to see what I do all day long...seems like nothing ever gets done in my own head around the house. I hope to post one of these every once in a while to see how things progress. Oh well hope you enjoyed it...
Here are some pics plus a little video of Bumbo Time
Nix and Rogue looking at each other...

Nix with a smirk...

Rogue throwing up the power...

Jade looking a little dazed...

Rogue smirking at the camera...




Until Next Time...BYE

Friday, June 19, 2009

Crazy Baby Products....

Its been a while since I posted last ... I've been a little busy. This week has been a bit of a whirl wind of running around.

-Monday was our typical laid back day....heh as laid back as possible with three babies.

-Tuesday I had a tattoo that I did in the took me about 4.5 hours. That night my cousin and her best friend stopped by to see the girls.

-Wednesday was another busy day Megan had to run to her work to sit in on a 1 hour class (We live 45 minutes from her work...more drive time than class time) and then that evening we had our small group over to visit and hang out.

-Thursday was a VERY busy day...I woke up at 8:00am and fed the girls then Megan got up around 10 and we packed everyone up and went to Walmart to grocery shopping...we got home about noon and we fed the girls...finished around 2 and began to put the groceries away. We were out the door again at 3:30pm on our way to my grandparents house for dinner with the girls...once we arrived we fed the girls and got all settled down to eat ourselves. We finished eating and left at about 7:15pm. Once home we began our evening feeding and finally completed it at about 10:00pm. Did the dishes and got ready for ended for me at 11:00pm.

-Friday was our only normal routine day....ahhhh routines are great. Girls are still recovering.

I never realized the crazy names that have been given to baby products...
Bumbo - Infant seat
Boppy - Nursing pillow
Podee - Bottle with straw
Hooter Hider - Nursing cover
Bumkins - Baby bibs
Cuddlebee - Baby bibs and burp clothes
Trumpette - Shoes and socks for kids
Who comes up with these names? Crazy people...
Now it is time for the a video...Enjoy.
This is "ONE" days worth of bottles...yes just "ONE" day.

Jut making faces at Phoenix...looks like he is going to eat her.

Jade liked the ability to look around with the Bumbo chair.

Phoenix trying out the Bumbo chair...shes not too sure about it yet.

Rogue LOVED the Bumbo Chair...she has a new favorite thing.


Jade stairing at her reflextion in the swings mirror...



"Routines are Life, you mess with routines you mess with life."-Me

Until next time ... BYE

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who needs paper towels...

I was off in the kitchen doing some cleanup when I heard a loud splash...I expected the worst...and that it was. Phoenix had prepared a geyser show for everyone that came over that night. It was a spectacle to behold...if you have never seen a baby puke like the girl in the "Exorcist" movie than you haven't seen anything yet. The force behind it is amazing she even almost spins her head all the way around...she really knows how to put on a show. I ran over and saw the damage and went back to the kitchen to grab some paper towels but then I thought..."Lets see if the dogs like it." We had a pretty good idea that the dogs would come in handy when the girls got older and began to eat solid food...but who knew they liked puked up formula. It was a risk letting them eat it...wasn't sure if they would get sick from it. They did a pretty thorough job and didn't get sick. Dogs are great...
Diablo doing some cleanup...

Daisy helping Diablo with the cleanup...teamwork.

Diablo loves formula...

My grandparents, Megan, and my Aunt Gerry.

There is that smile that melts her daddies heart.
Until next time...BYE

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Melting Smiles...

Well Jade has learned a trick to throw on her daddy. She smiles constantly at me... every time I change her... hold her... feed her... pretty much all the time except when I give her the meds for her reflux. She knows that even if I am tired or in a bad mood all she has to do is smile her cheesy gummy smile right at me. It just brightens my day... its makes life a little easier when they smile at you.
We have begun to trek out into public as often as possible... while the wife went to work I headed off to my cousins graduation party this past Sunday. The triplets took center stage and did very well... they slept most of the time there... then one by one they began to wake up and be held by people (after they sanitized). Today we made a trip to my moms office so everyone at the office could see all the girls together. It was fun and everyone at the office enjoyed it. We also made a run to Target and Sams Club (trying to price compare and see if we should get a membership) and the girls did great... so far no major meltdowns in public... I know they are coming and I am sooooo not looking forward to them.
We did get one humorous comment today at Target... an older gentlemen came up to me and said "oh, twins?" and I said "no, triplets."(pointing to the third) He stretched out his hand to shake mine and looked me right in the eyes and said "Hell of a guy, man." He then smiled and walked off... never got that one before... kind of made us laugh a little. Well now for the pictures...Enjoy.

Rogue passed out cold...

Nix lovin' life...

Rogue passed out with the dogs...

Rogue chomping on her fist...they all have found their thumbs thankfully.

Nix smilin' and Aunt Diana...

Uncle Nate and Jade just hanging out.

Diablo with his legs crossed...peculiar.

Jade snoozing with Daisy snoozing in the background...

Jade is all grins...

Jade again...

Jade in the boppy and Rogue sleeping next too her...

Rogue and Jade napping...

Well until next time...BYE

Friday, June 5, 2009

Prunes the magical fruit...

We had a little stand off with Jade... she hadn't done her doo business in over a week so we called our doctor and she said to try a little mixture of prune juice and water... It worked like a charm... two days later we had success. Clean as a whistle...
We had a few activities this week...we ventured out into public again. This time we tried to go to Target. Everything was going fine and then we got stopped...I thought for sure my wife would be by my side...all of a sudden she took off down an isle. She left me with all three babies in the main isle where people began to collect. I deflected as many questions as I could and then she came back to help. It wasn't all that painful just the typical silly questions...
-After our Target excursion we went over to our church and visited with the staff. The girls haven't been seen by too many people since they have gotten home so this was fun. The girls will hopefully be able to go out more and more as time permits...
Yesterday the wife and I were able to go out on a date night while my parents watched the girls... it was fun and relaxing. We went to Applebee's and our waiter asked us, in my opinion, one of the dumbest questions ever. He asked "So what brings you here today?" Well my response was "We were hungry." Not sure what he was looking for exactly but I did find his question a little ridiculous. The evening went well.
Here come the pictures...Enjoy.

Jade is all smiles on her play mat...

Jade again...

and again...

I set her down for a second to prepare her carrier...she was fast asleep. (Jade)

Nix fell asleep on her mommy and got indentations from moms shirt...

Rogue embarrassed while eating...

Silly/annoying question... "Well you got all your kids done in one shot." Who says we're done? Not us... so why do people assume. Please stop assuming... Until next time... BYE

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picture this...

Not too much going on...the girls are doing good. Today I had a dentist appointment so I took Phoenix is the dentist office my mom works at as a dental hygienist. Everybody at the office was happy to see her since they hear about them all of the time from my mom. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
The dogs have begun to really take interest in the girls as the photos will show. Daisy is always sticking her nose in the girls bouncers and trying to give them her ball to play with her....Enjoy all the two vids at the bottom.
Diablo wishing Jade could play with her...

Daisy trying to play catch with Phoenix...

Phoenix lookin' chubby..

Normal shot of Rogue screaming...

Biker Chick Jade...

Smilin' Rogue



Diablo looking pathetic...

My Aunt Gerry visiting the girls...


Jade sittin' like a lil' lady.


Rogue snoring and Phoenix whimpering...